Whiskey Web and Whatnot

A whiskey fueled fireside chat with your favorite web developers.



Bonus: FEHH x WWW: AI, VR, and the Future of Web Development

In this crossover episode, Chuck and Robbie join Jem Young and Ryan Burgess from Front End Happy Hour for an engaging discussion over whiskey. They share their career backgrounds, touching on their work with major tech brands like Netflix, Amazon, and National...

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136: Curling, Coding, and Deno with Kevin Whinnery

In this episode of 'Whiskey Web and Whatnot,' hosts RobbieTheWagner and Charles William Carpenter III are joined by Kevin Whinnery, a member of the Deno team. They discuss Kevin's work with JavaScript, his journey with Deno, and his previous experience at Twil...

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129: A Deep Dive into Managed DNS with Jeff Cronstrom

Join hosts RobbieTheWagner and Charles William Carpenter III as they welcome Jeff Cronstrom, a DNS specialist with experience dating back to the 90s and the founder of CloudfloorDNS. In this episode, they dig into the ins and outs of managed DNS, the benefits ...

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