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147: Oh My Zsh with Robby Russell

Show Notes

Explore the evolution of web development, Rails, and TypeScript, all while sipping Mortlach Single Malt Whisky. The discussion also covers vintage music formats like vinyl records and cassettes, the Tennessee whiskey scene, and modern bourbon regulations. Robby shares stories about maintaining legacy code, Oh My Zsh, starting a podcast, and The Mighty Missoula's upcoming album.

Key Takeaways

  • [0:00] Introducing Robby Russell
  • [02:41] Whiskey Tasting: Mortlach "The Wee Witchie" 12 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • [09:19] Hot Takes
  • [12:05] Thoughts on ripping TypeScript out of projects
  • [19:15] git rebase or git merge?
  • [21:09] Left or right sidebar in VS Code?
  • [23:26] What do you think about nested ternaries?
  • [26:55] Is Rails going to be the best way to write web applications again?
  • [39:15] Any suggestions for podcasters?
  • [47:41] Pronouncing and working on Oh My Zsh
  • [49:51] The origin story of Oh My Zsh


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