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Bonus: FEHH x WWW: AI, VR, and the Future of Web Development

Show Notes

In this crossover episode, Chuck and Robbie join Jem Young and Ryan Burgess from Front End Happy Hour for an engaging discussion over whiskey. They share their career backgrounds, touching on their work with major tech brands like Netflix, Amazon, and National Geographic, and their personal passions within the tech industry, including open source contributions and a love for TypeScript and Ember.

The conversation delves into the implications of emerging technologies like AI, VR, and the Apple Vision Pro on their industry, exploring how these advancements could influence web development, cybersecurity, and the job market. The hosts weigh in on the importance of foundational knowledge in the ever-evolving tech landscape, their views on using AI tools like Copilot during coding processes, and the potential impacts of AI on the authenticity of digital interactions.

They also discuss their excitement for older web technologies making a return and share their favorite cocktails, highlighting how personal interests and professional insights blend in this insightful and relaxed discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:00] - Kicking Off with Whiskey and Introductions
  • [05:12] - Diving into the Apple Vision Pro Discussion
  • [17:07] - Exploring the Implications of AI and Digital Avatars
  • [24:18] - Exploring the Impact of AI and VR on Engineering and Tech
  • [25:08] - AI's Potential Laziness and the Dual Nature of Technology
  • [26:07] - The Power and Limitations of AI in Decision Making
  • [28:12] - AI as a Tool for Efficiency and Creativity in Engineering
  • [30:51] - The Risks and Challenges of AI in Professional Settings
  • [35:04] - Navigating the Integration of AI Tools in the Workplace
  • [39:17] - The Future of Job Skills and Interview Processes in the AI Era
  • [45:46] - Closing Thoughts: Excitement for Future Technologies and Cocktails


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