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64: Advent of Whiskey: Coding Advent Calendars and the Strangest AI Projects

Show Notes

It’s the season of advent calendars, and coding platforms are launching challenges left and right. If you are waiting for a sign to try a new language or framework, advent calendars are a great place to start.

The Advent of Whiskey series will be 10 episodes leading up to Christmas.
Chuck and Robbie are following Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022, trying new whiskeys each episode and talking about the latest in tech. Robbie might be gearing up to try the CSS advent calendar challenge but don’t expect Chuck to try CSS any time soon.
In this festive episode, Chuck and Robbie talk about learning new skills with a coding advent calendar, AI's strangest or most exciting use cases, and the Advent of Whiskey series following the Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:08] - An introduction to Flaviar's "Depths of Whiskey" Advent Calendar.
  • [02:07] - Number One Whiskey: Fistful of Bourbon.
  • [07:32] - Number Two Whiskey: Ron Colon Salvadoreno 100 Proof Rum Rye.
  • [11:34] - Chuck and Robbie discuss coding advent calendars.
  • [17:08] - What to look forward to during the advent series.
  • [18:21] - OpenAI chats on the GPT-3 platform.


[14:39] - “For anyone who hasn’t listened before, Chuck really hates CSS.” ~ Robbie Wagner

[18:56] - “GPT is basically an open machine learning, AI platform that you can train on whatever things you want and then start to ask it questions.” ~ Chuck Carpenter


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